The World of Mirrors a Bridge to Knowing and Being Your "True" Self by Valerieann J. Skinner



Do you ever feel trapped in a box labeled “less than who you are?” This book provides you with the tools for bursting out. . . by going within!

Learn how to tap into the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge “within” by looking at your reflection in the “World of Mirrors.” Open the door to your heart and remove the negative feelings and thoughts which have created any false and limiting beliefs covering the truth of who you are.

In this book, Valerieann Skinner shares the stepping stones for building a boundless bridge to knowing and being your “True” Self. . .

Easy steps for extracting guidance and healing from the “World of Mirrors.” The magical mirrors you will learn to use are:

  • Your body
  • Your words
  • Your daily life
  • Your surroundings
  • And even world events

Also included are simple steps for understanding one of the most dynamic mirrors. . . your Dreams.

Learn how to:

  • Remember your dreams
  • Interpret your dreams 
  • Interpret colors in your dreams
  • Interpret “any” symbol

Plus 700 symbols and their possible meanings. 

Pages: 422.

Dimensions: 8' tall x 5.25" wide

About the Author:

Valerieann was raised on a farm in Georgetown, Idaho. Her close association with animals and nature while growing up has resulted in a close connection to and deep love for all things. Painting and writing are the mediums she uses to process and share her experiences in life, a life that includes her husband Alan and their six children. She taught art lessons for nineteen years, helping many to better know and express their feelings about themselves, their lives, and the world around them through art. 

On the spring equinox 1997, Valerieann found herself in the heart of America painting 12 paintings in one year, during the summer and winter solstice, she painted at one of the ancient Mayan ruins in Palenque, Mexico. Her experiences in these places and others have profoundly affected her life and inspired her to write.

Enjoying traveling with her and her pen. Tap the power of “Cashing in on the ‘Simple Magic of Color,”discover the magic of knowing your True Self by reading“The World of Mirrors,” journey into your heart in a healing way by sharing in her experience at Adam-ondi-Ahman in “Returning to the Heart,” then look forward to uncovering the “Courage to Live Your Truth” in her upcoming book.

Valerieann also conducts personal seminars where she teaches the concepts presented in this book. To schedule a seminar in your area, call 208-847-3129. For more detailed information on the art classes, oil paintings, greeting cards, and e-books available from Inner Light Creations, visit Valerieann’s website at or send Email to

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Your True self

Part 1: The “World of Mirrors”

Chapter 1: Reflection                                                     1

Chapter 2: A Mirror in Action                                        8 

Part 2: Dreams

Chapter 3: Your Reflection Revealed in Dreams       17

Chased by a Bull                                                       18

Steps for Interpreting Your Dream                             21

Chapter 4: Those Strange Dreams                             30

Chapter 5: Only for “You”                                            33

Chapter 6: How to Interpret Colors in Your Dreams    35

Steps for Interpreting Colors                                       37

Chapter 7: Remembering Your Dreams                      40

Steps for Remembering Your Dreams                         41

Chapter 8: Dream Interpretation                                  46

Blue Sphere and Fawn                                               46 

Temple Reflection                                                       51

Part 3: Many Mirrors

Chapter 9: Your Reflection in Life Events                    57

Steps for Effectively Using Your Life as a Mirror         60

Chapter 10: Your Reflection in World Events              63

Steps for Effectively Using World Events as a Mirror  68

Chapter 11: Your Reflection in Your Surroundings      71

Steps for Effectively Using Your Surroundings as

A Mirror                                                                        76

Chapter 12: Your Reflection in Your Words                 79

Steps for Effectively Using Your Words as a Mirror     83

Chapter 13: Your Reflection in Your Body                   86

Parts of the Body and the Associated Feeling             88

Steps for Effectively Using Your Body as a Mirror       98

Part 4: Healing Negative Reflections 

Chapter 14: Resolving Negative Feelings                 103

“Painless Tools”                                                         106

Part 5: Interesting Symbols Made Simple 

Chapter !5: Steps for Interpreting “Any” Symbol       113

Chapter 16: Just so You Know                                  116

Possible Limitations                                                   116

The Ultimate Interpretation                                         117

Chapter 17: Questions for Finding the Meaning in Your 

Reflection                                                                   119

Part 6: Hearing and Trusting the Voice Within

Chapter 18: Hearing the Messages                           131

Learn to be Silent                                                       131

Live in the “Present”                                                   133  

Discover “Your” Way                                                  138

Chapter 19: The Value of “Your” Truth                       143

Let Go and Trust the Power Within                            149

Part 7: Balancing the Reflection of Opposition

Chapter 20: The Balancing Act                                   161

Opposition                                                                   161

72 degrees                                                                   163

Balancing Opposites                                                    169

Present time poppies                                                   175

Part 8: Symbols

Chapter 21: Symbols and possible interpretations      187

Chapter 22: My Personal List of Symbols                   379

Summary                                                                      397

Appendix                                                                      399

Bibliography                                                                 409

About the Author                                                          411

Index                                                                            413