Essential Oil Stainless Steel Shot Glass: Abundant Health Branded


This great little door prize is a handy dispenser for cold and allergy "shots" of essential oils, liquid supplements, mouthwash, and more!


This handy branded cup has so many uses! Ideal for taking oregano "shots" for sickness or for seasonal allergy "shots" of lavender, lemon, and peppermint. Use it as a sanitizing toothbrush holder with antiseptic oils and water. Or make and swish homemade mouthwash with it each morning. It's the right size for children to take Omega-3 fish oil and other liquid supplements. Inexpensive and versatile, this shot glass makes a great giveaway at your events and meetings!

Volume: 1 oz. (~2 Tbsp., or ~30 ml).

Size: 2" in diameter x 2¼".