5/8 dram Sample Vial: Amber Glass with Orifice Reducer and White Cap (495 Count)


Save money on samples by buying these modern-looking vials in quantity. Each holds 25–40 drops, depending on oil thickness.


These small vials work well for sharing samples with friends. They are also the perfect size for travel kits or first aid kits!

Quantity: 495 vials with orifice reducers and white caps.

Volume: ⅝ dram, or 25–40 drops, depending on oil thickness. (Size Comparison Chart)

Neck: 13-425.

Size: ⅝" x 1½" (with cap).


  1. You can transfer oil from another bottle by using a plastic syringe or glass dropper. After the oil is in the bottle, place the orifice reducer in the hole and press until fully inserted.