Reference Charts and Card Set (5 Count)


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"Reference Guide for System and Function Support" Chart. This chart quickly accesses essential oil uses for any meeting, trade show, class, or personal inquiry. Condensed from The Reference Guide, the chart recommends which essential oils to use for different body functions and systems.

Reference Guide "Essential Oils and Blends Quick Usage Chart" for Binders. Introduce others to the benefits of essential oils with this convenient 3-hole-punched, foldout binder chart. It lists the structure, function, and common uses for both essential oils and blends. Additionally, the sheet references the body systems affected by specific oils or blends.

Reflex Therapy Chart. Quickly identify the exact points for foot and hand reflexology and how they support major body systems! The chart includes functions that are supported by recommended essential oils.

Essential Educators "Kid Scents Essential Oil Recipes" Chart. From diaper rash to chicken pox, and bruises to nosebleeds, this chart is a valuable resource for essential oil application to help with 30 common childhood incidents and ailments.

Mini Reference Card from the Reference Guide. This double-sided reference card makes a great gift (and bookmark) for new contacts and distributors. It summarizes some of the many ways Young Living™ essential oils can be used for everyday health and wellness. Made of glossy card stock, it lists essential oils and blends for 50 different health conditions, plus application methods.