Essential Oils and The Brain Foldout (25 Count)


How to use essential oils, DIY blends, and supplements to support many neurological needs for adults.


This foldout is packed with information on how essential oils support healthy brain function in adults. The front page gives a brief introduction about what essential oils are, how they affect the brain, and different application methods with recommended amounts. Pulse and reflexology points are illustrated.

The remaining pages discuss neurological conditions and associated emotions: focus and concentration, grief and sadness, healthy cell activity, memory and aging, post-combat wellness, addiction recovery, and stress. Each topic includes protocols using essential oils, supplements, and do-it-yourself blends.

Purpose: Education. (Click here for information on the difference between Marketing and Educational materials.)

Quantity: 25 guide sheets (2-page foldout).

Size: 8½" x 11" folded; 11" x 17" unfolded.