Know the Difference: Marketing vs. Education Tools

If you are a business professional working with essential oils, it is important to recognize the difference between educational and marketing materials. Marketing materials are an excellent tool to assist you in building your business, and educational materials are a great way to enhance yours and others’ knowledge of essential oils. To help clarify which materials may used for marketing purposes and which may be used only for educational purposes, we have added icons to our website to show which category these products belong to.



Educational materials draw from a variety of sources to uncover the many ways essential oils can safely and effectively be used to promote health and wellness. When recommending educational resources for others, it is best to suggest the highest quality and most trusted sources. While tools such as these are great for expanding your knowledge of the benefits of essential oils, regulatory agencies have prohibited the use of many educational materials in a sales environment. Educational materials should never be used to make claims about products you are selling, but it is acceptable to recommend these resources to others who are looking to expand their knowledge of how to benefit from essential oils.

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When promoting any specific brand of essential oils, it is important to use only language and tools approved for marketing. These marketing tools can be either brand specific or unbranded and can be excellent tools to guide you in building your business. To maintain compliance with federal regulations, marketing tools use approved claims and language when discussing oils. Materials intended for marketing are an excellent resource for recruiting distributors. Additionally, they can be a great tool for classes and can be used as promotional materials.

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