Healing Feelings From Your Heart, by Karol K. Truman


Each of us has an inherent desire to know our roots. In fact, finding our true identity and making our way "home" is a subconscious longing that can propel and sustain us through life's complexities. This book shows how to dismantle barriers that keep us from discovering our intrinsic nature.


Walk with Karol Truman through the feelings that have taken you from your true pathway. Follow her on a journey that will take you into the center of your being and lead you to your "heart of gold." As cover artist Valerieanne J. Skinner puts it, "Karol has taught me to look deeply, always seeing the golden thread—the part that has been there all along!" May Healing Feelings From Your Heart will help you find the golden thread, the uniqueness that only you can add to the great tapestry of life.

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Pages: 249.

Binding: Softcover.

Size: 6" x 9".


Karol K. Truman is a practicing therapist who is dedicated to helping others achieve emotional and spiritual well-being by resolving and healing their "core issues." In her previous book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (over 90,000 sold), she addresses the importance of resolving "buried" feelings and introduces the concept of "scripting." Now, in her eagerly awaited follow-up, Healing Feelings From Your Heart, Karol shares the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from seminars and from thousands of individuals she has counseled since publication of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. She provides new insights and additional tools for helping her many readers realize their full potential.

Karol, who is also an accomplished pianist and music instructor, has been exploring health and healing about 4 decades ago. She began in the fields of nutrition and weight control, and her first book, Looking Good, Feeling Great was published in 1983. This book is still in print.

It soon became apparent to Karol that physical health was inextricably linked to emotional and spiritual health. Recognizing this, she became involved in an ever-deepening exploration of human energy systems. She has made an exhaustive study of the laws of cause and effect and of the principles that govern transformational healing and growth. Along with extensive research and study, she has also participated in numerous conferences, seminars, and workshops. Her research, her counseling work, and the feedback from thousands of readers are distilled here to assist you.