Exploring Essential Oils, by Cole L. Woolley, PhD


Increase your essential oil mastery about plant production of essential oils, chemical composition on the molecular level, types of distillation, and methods of diffusion.


Learn the basic chemistry behind essential oils, how plants use and store essential oils, how essential oils are collected from plants, the basics of steam and hydro-distillation, and different ways to diffuse essential oils.


  • 106 examples of essential oil molecules.
  • 155 words for an essential oil vocabulary.
  • 64 unique illustrations, graphs and diagrams.
  • 58 learning challenges.

Purpose: Education. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Publication: 2017.

Pages: 227.

Binding: Softcover.

Size: 6" x 9".


Cole L. Woolley, PhD, is an expert at simplifying technical concepts about essential oils. He began analyzing essential oils while completing his doctoral degree in chemistry at Brigham Young University. He has traveled the world as a scientist, an inventor, a businessman, a writer, a product developer, a marketer, and a speaker. In his spare time he enjoys activities with his family, researching family history, trail running in the mountains of Utah, gardening, botany, sports, travel, cultures, and classical art and music.

Table of Contents
Introduction: What You Need to Know About Essential Oils
Chapter 1: Essential Oils Are
Chapter 2: Plants Grow
Chapter 3: Plants Produce and Store Essential Oils
Chapter 4: Plants Use Essential Oils
Chapter 5: Plants Are Intelligent
Chapter 6: Monoterpene Molecules
Chapter 7: Oxygenated Monoterpene Molecules
Chapter 8: Sesquiterpene Molecules
Chapter 9: Diterpene Molecules
Chapter 10: Triterpene Molecules
Chapter 11: Tetraterpene Molecules
Chapter 12: Collecting Distilled Essential Oils
Chapter 13: Collecting Cold-pressed Citrus Oils
Chapter 14: Diffusing Essential Oils with Active Diffusers
Chapter 15: Diffusing Essential Oils with Passive Diffusers
Chapter 16: How Aromas Change after Applying Essential Oils
Chapter 17: Share Your Experience