Reference Guide: An Introduction to Essential Oils Tear Pad (50 Count)


Introduce others to the nature of therapeutic essential oils and how to use them for physical and emotional health. An introductory marketing tool for individuals and classes.


Introduce others to the benefits of essential oils with this beautifully illustrated handout, perfect for marketing in any setting. The double-sided sheet answers basic questions about essential oils: what they are, why their purity is important, how to apply them, how they support emotional health, how they benefit plants, and how they support the body. Taken from the Reference Guide, the information lays a great foundation for building interest and excitement about learning more. A convenient tear pad keeps the handouts together and in good condition. Just tear one sheet off for each guest, and you're ready to go.

Purpose: Marketing. (Learn more about the difference between Marketing and Education materials.)

Quantity: 50 double-sided sheets.

Size: 8½" x 11".