Blank "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" Oil Lock Labels and Sticker Tops (42 Count)


Get cute, customizeable labels and sticker tops to help you identify roll-on blends featured in our exclusive booklet.


Get cute, customize-able labels and sticker tops for the essential oil blends featured in the "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" Booklet!

The sheet includes matching label and sticker top sets to help you more easily identify your roll-on blends. The set also comes with corresponding clear, oil locking overlay stickers to protect your labels from smudging when coming in contact with oils.

To use, simply write the oil blend name on the large label, stick it onto the bottle's side, and lock your label with the clear overlay sticker. It's that easy!

Quantity: 1 sheet with 42 labels—21 sets of labels and matching lids stickers—and 1 sheet of 42 Oil Lock™ overlay stickers.

Size: Labels—2" x 1"; Lid stickers—~½" in diameter.


  1. Write: Write on the blank part of your label using a nice pen or a thin tipped permanent marker. Allow adequate dry time for the ink.
  2. Stick: Position label on bottle and smoothly press down on the label to avoid kinks.
  3. Lock: To keep your labels looking great, apply a clear label over the top of your patterned label. This will make your labels oil and water resistant.

Printing your labels? No problem. To print titles on your labels, simply use our label template. In the template, choose the style you are going for and type in the names of your blends. Once you have finished making your labels, use a laser printer to print your final product. We recommend printing your labels on a blank sheet of paper first to make sure that none of your labels are cut off.