4 oz. Bottle: Blue Glass with Misting Spray Top


Perfect for using or gifting cleaning sprays, perfumes, floral waters, spritzes, body sprays, and other liquid creations. The cobalt color helps protect contents from UV light.


These beautiful bottles are perfect for misting on perfumes, body sprays, floral waters, and more! The cobalt color helps protect the contents from harmful UV rays.

Note: Because some oils have the potential to clog the spraying mechanism, these spray bottles are not guaranteed when used with vegetable or essential oils.

Quantity: 1 glass bottle with misting spray top and acrylic hood.

Volume: 4 fl. oz.—½ cup, or 120 ml. (Container Size Comparison Chart)

Neck: 24-400.


  1. When using essential oils in these bottles, it is best to dilute them with a carrier oil or water and epsom salt. Sprinkle epsom salt into the bottom of the bottle, and then add the desired amount of oil. Give the epsom salt a few moments to absorb the oils; then fill the remaining space with water. Epsom salt helps disperse the oil evenly throughout the water, preventing it from floating to the top.
  2. Fill bottle with desired contents.
  3. Wipe threads of bottle and spray top with a clean cloth to ensure that both are dry and free from any liquid or dust.
  4. Cut the tube on the spray top to 1/16" above the bottom of bottle. For best results, cut at a 45° angle.
  5. Screw spray top securely onto bottle.
  6. Once all the oil is in, you may want to label the bottle.
  7. If the spray top becomes stiff or hard to use, remove it from the bottle, place the bottom of the tube in warm, soapy water, and pump the spray top a few times until the warm soapy water begins to come through. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and then spray again with the dip tube in warm, clear water to rinse out. Remove tube from water, and continue spraying until spray top is empty.