Aroma Ready Compact Versatile Aromatherapy Case: 15 ml (Holds 60 Vials)


The ultimate in stylish, versatile storage. Holds up to 60 essential oil vials, 5–15 ml in size. More strategic compartments hold a diffuser and marketing materials.


This compact aromatherapy case is the ultimate in stylish, versatile storage. Its has 3 strategically-designed compartments to provide ample space for oil vials and marketing materials. But it's still small enough to easily carry and display wherever you go! The 2 outer compartments have mesh dividers that hold 12 vials, 5-15 ml size, in an upright position. The center compartment sports a foam insert, allowing you to pack your choice of 36 vials, 5-15 ml size—or just leave the insert out to take whatever else you want.

Quantity: 1 case with detachable, adjustable should strap and 1 foam insert.


  • Carries a lot of goods in a small space.
  • Holds 24 oil bottles upright in 2 outer, zippered compartments.
  • Includes a foam insert that holds up to 36 vials.
  • Offers additional outside pocket for marketing materials, pamphlets, or booklets.

Size: 9½" x 9½" x 5½".