Reference Guide and Case Bundle: Handbook, 2018 Edition; and Medium Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 36 Vials)


The book clearly explains how to use over 100 oils and 150 blends and supplements to support more than 600 physical and emotional health concerns. The case carries 36 standard vials, 5–15 ml in size, along with marketing materials such as brochures and sample cards.


Everything you need to know to effectively use essential oils! This portable power-house is packed with all of the oil knowledge you need to know to safely and effectively use essential oils, blends, and other Young Living®* products—all in the easiest-to-use format that makes finding the most important information easy!

  • Which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions.
  • How to safely and effectively use essential oils, blends, and supplements.
  • Hundreds of ways to incorporate essential oils into daily living.

This double-sided reference card makes a great gift (and bookmark) for new contacts and distributors. It summarizes some of the many ways Young Living™ essential oils can be used for everyday health and wellness. Made of glossy card stock, it lists essential oils and blends for 50 different health conditions, plus application methods. Also included is space for your personalized label with contact information, websites, or blogs.

This fabulous case includes a foam insert in the main compartment that holds 36 standard vials, 5–15 ml in size. It also has a zippered inside pocket for DVDs or printed materials. This is an ideal place for the "Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils," with room left for cards, brochures, etc.

Quantity: 1 book; 1 case with detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and foam insert; and 1 reference card.

Publication: 2018.

Pages: 704.

Binding: Softcover.

Size: 8" x 8".